Boys & Girls Clubs Gates Camp

Where Kids Come to be Kids!

Our goal at Gates Camp is simple: we want to provide a quality, fun, and safe camp experience for kids who otherwise would not have this opportunity.

Gates Camp is located at approximately 9,000’, adjacent to the Indian Peaks Wilderness and within a 30-minute drive of Rocky Mountain National Park.

About Boys & Girls Clubs Gates Camp

Gates Camp provides members of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver a chance to get away from inner-city life and escape to the majestic mountains of Colorado. Campers (ages 8 to 13) challenge themselves, connect with nature, build new friendships, and spend five days "just being a kid."  The often challenging, but fulfilling work provides the summer experience of a lifetime for our camp staff and youth alike! We are currently hiring for the summer of 2019.

To apply, email cover letter, resume, and three professional references to  Click the link to our homepage for more information. Counselors teach youth about nature, rock climbing, leadership, teamwork on ropes courses, how to fish, the joy of hiking, camping out under the stars, archery, how to have fun and make new friends among many other summer camp necessities, such as making the perfect s’more and confidence to do silly skits in front of the whole camp!

If you have any questions please email or call 303-892-9200

The Employee Experience

The culture of Gates Camp (GC) is one of:

Adventure: kids and staff were encouraged to try new things, new ideas, and explore the newness. If staff had a new idea, they tried it. If staff were passionate about improv, they'd make sure they ran an improv session, for example. Staff worked to generate new experiences for the youth in the outdoors in as many ways as possible. whether making forts, playing in mud, picking flowers, anything and everything. 

Acceptance and inclusion: Any idea, contribution, or suggestion is valued and implemented. All emotions are accepted and valued. If a kid was angry and hated the outdoors, there was no judgement. Any emotional baggage that the kids brought with them was treated as sacred and considered a valuable part of the community.

Wonder: if you ask anyone who has been to Gates Camp, they'll tell you there was some kind of magic. In the connections, in the mountains, in the cabins, in the fire circles. Every moment was spiritual as everyone felt connected and loved, especially through the rituals (Rite of Passage, Heepwah story, medallions, etc.) 

On weekends:

Adventure: there was always someone out hiking or climbing. Every weekend I went to a new trail in RMNP, Indian Peaks Wilderness, or Boulder. From the diverse group of staff come opportunities to try new hobbies.

Acceptance and inclusion: Everyone found a group of people to confide in. If someone was struggling, then everyone responded and included that person instead of rejecting them. Every Friday night, we spent time with the entire staff in the town of Nederland. 

Wonder: similar to adventure, we explored. New towns, trails, and hobbies. Curiosity was bred there as staff were encouraged to try new things. 

What was your relationship like with other staff and supervisors?

Lifelong friends were generated. I have a group of people who I have a very special connection with and know I can count on them for anything. I found people with similarities that bonded us and differences that bonded us. 

Supervisors: D and Jess are now two of my life mentors and closest friends. I have never respected and looked up to two people more than them. I learned so many new skills, and especially, how to love and enjoy my life fully. I will forever stay in contact with them. 

What was the best moment of GC?

The best moment of GC for me was bonding with the staff and supervisors through the summer and all the laughs and happy times. Making early morning coffee, sitting around a campfire, skipping rocks, sleeping under stars; doing all these simple things with the GC family. My summer at GC was one of my favorite memories of my life. 

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate is hardworking, positive, flexible and passionate about working with kids in the outdoors. They are excited by the opportunity to work and live in a tight-knit community of like minded individuals, and see this summer as an opportunity for personal and professional growth. Each week, Gates Camp provides a transformative opportunity to Denver's youth that needs us the most - we are looking for individuals excited to be part of that process. 

Room and Board

Room and board are provided for all camp employees.

Housing consists of a shared, gender-specific bunk space in one of our authentic 1920s log cabins.

As far as board goes, three meals and a snack are provided each day while camp is in session. If you decide to stay at Gates Camp on your days off meals are also available at no charge. While camp is in session employees eat with the campers during family-style meals. On Wednesday evenings we gather to celebrate the previous week’s success and plan for the upcoming week during our staff community building dinners.

Employee Perks

We offer a competitive salary based on experience and position, in addition to providing room and board for all staff. Other benefits include spending the summer in a pristine area of Colorado, ongoing staff/professional development, and countless other intangibles.

Getting Here and Getting Around

Once you join our team, we will work with you in processing your employee paperwork and finalizing your travel plans regarding arrival to camp. For those individuals flying in from out-of-town, reservations should be made to fly into Denver International Airport. From DIA, you can arrange to be picked up either at the airport or in the city of Boulder, should you decide to utilize the RTD bus system. For those individuals with access to a personal vehicle for the summer, it is recommended that you bring it for use on the weekends. Carpooling is the chief mode of transportation for staff on days off, since the closest major town is 20 miles away.

For Fun

Days off are yours to explore the endless opportunities that exist nearby. For employees that choose to stay in the mountains, hiking, fishing, horseback riding, backpacking, rock climbing, and other outdoor adventures are at your fingertips. For team members whose interests are found more within city limits, the city of Boulder is 45 minutes away, while Denver is just an hour and half from camp.

How to Apply

As you consider applying, please know that we are looking for staff members who are willing to give all they've got…and then some. This includes a commitment for the entire 10 or 11 weeks (which is inclusive of 10 days of training, 8 weeks of summer camp, and a few days of reflection and clean up after the final day with campers). Staff training begins in May, and camp ends July 30th 2019.

Please learn more about us on our website 

To apply, please email your cover letter, resume, and three professional references.

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