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What is the Staffing Center?

  • The Staffing Center is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that helps you organize and manage your job applications so you can focus on recruiting and hiring the best people.
  • It acts as your virtual filing cabinet. No more manila file folders piling up on your desk, unruly PDF’s, sticky notes and phone tag.
  • Job seekers fill out your online employment application. As soon as it’s submitted, it appears in the “dashboard” and you can immediately begin working your magic.
  • Though originally built for seasonal employers, the Staffing Center is flexible enough for any employer. It’s a great assistant for a small, one-person HR office, and perfect for large organizations with multiple hiring managers in many different locations. Whether you receive ten, a thousand or ten thousand applications each year, the Staffing Center makes managing your application process easy.

“My sincere appreciation for the fantastic partnership we have had these past several years! Without hesitation, I will recommend CoolWorks to any organization looking for an ATS, and I would lobby to work with the CoolWorks posse. You are a great team!” — HR Director and Staffing Center User, Michigan Resort


  • Customized job application that can mimic your website* and is mobile friendly for your job applicants.
  • Web based dashboard for managing all your incoming applications.
  • Search and sort applications by name, date of application, location, job preference and availability dates.
  • Check references, print and forward applications, track offers and hires.
  • Add notes and send template emails directly from an applicant’s file.
  • Easily track applicants as they advance through your hiring process.
  • Create and manage your job list – including detailed job descriptions – opening and closing position listings as needed.
  • Export data as spreadsheets for use in other systems or for data analysis.
  • System dashboard is built to match your organizational structure – divisions, locations and departments.
  • Personal and friendly support.

“Using the CoolWorks Staffing Center has alleviated stress and time consuming tasks. It allows our managers and myself to better manage our applicants based upon qualifications, experience and availability. We are able to track them through the hiring or decline process quickly and efficiently. With the group email list we are able to communicate with hundreds of applicants at one time. Time savings equals dollars back in the pocket!” — Steve, Recruiter, Park City, UT


Staff SizeAnnual Fee
1 – 49$600
50 – 99$1,200
100 – 249$1,850
250 – 499$2,300
500 – 999$2,700

*Included in the basic set up is a simple template with logo, links and your basic color scheme or we can provide instructions for your web team to embed the application within your website. If you want us to fully match the template of your website, we will charge our standard web design rate of $125 per hour. Future updates to your Staffing Center pages & design, or significant changes to the structure of the Staffing Center or Application Form will also incur web design charges.

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