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  • Crew

    LeConte Lodge
    Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee
    $8.00 / hour + tips

    Employment opportunities as Crew are available in-season, from early March to late November.  Crew duties include but are not limited to meal service, basic food preparation, dish washing, retail sales, cleaning of cabins and facilities, checking in guests, and all other services related to accommodating our overnight guests.  Benefits include hourly wages, OT, tips, sales incentives, an end-of-season bonus, eight days off per month (can be consecutive or split), and workman’s compensation.

    The position of Crew requires some level of physical ability. You will be required to hike to work at least once a month, with the shortest trail being five miles one way. Multiple tasks require that crew members be able to lift objects of varying size and weight (upwards of 25-30 lbs.) consistently, like linens, non-perishable goods, large pots, and mop buckets for example. Regardless of what the weather is doing, we will still work in the sun, rain, and snow.

    This is a job that requires one be able to work well with others, function as a team player, and follow a chain of command. You will be provided with living quarters and basic amenities, and in several instances be working in close quarters. You must be willing to talk with each other and work through any problems or misunderstandings.

    LeConte Lodge® is a drug-free workplace.

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  • Llama Farm Hand / Backup Wrangler

    LeConte Lodge
    Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee

    LeConte Lodge is dedicated to providing a quality llama packing operation for the purpose of carrying supplies to and from the Lodge during all months of the year.  A succesful llama operation requires a clean, safe, and animal friendly environment whose team members communicate and work together effectively on a Farm.  Farm Hand works in conjunction with Wranglers and Farm Management.

    Job of Farm Hand / Backup Wrangler requires someone(s) who is driven, highly motivated, an early-riser, enjoys and respects animals, loves hiking, communicates and works well with others, is ready to learn and adapt.  Must possess physical strengths for handling of animals, moving of supplies, and performing all necessary laborous farm tasks in all types of weather.

    Prior experience handling and/or medicating large animals is preferred, although not required.  Handyman and carpentry skills are a plus!

    Benefits (in-season) include salary and end-of-season bonus.  Benefits (year-round) include housing, health and disability benefits, workman's compensation, area discounts, and possibility for extended time off during the winter off-season.

    Willing to hire an Individual.  A couple is preferable.

    Responsibilities as Farm Hand/Backup Wrangler include:

    • Animal Feeding:
    1. Maintain daily feeding of all farm animals (llamas, dogs).
    2. Empty, clean, refill all water troughs routinely.
    3. Order and restock hay/grain as needed.
    • Animal Health:
    1. Administer medications, calculate weights, trim nails, shear wool, treat feet, and evaluate overal health of all animals routinely as directed by Veterinarian.
    2. Schedule annual shearing and health inspections with Vet.
    3. Constantly observe animal behavior and report to Vet as needed.
    4. Maintain a flexible schedule to account for weather, operational changes, or urgent animal health related matters that require transportion medical attention.
    • Property Maintenance:
    1. Maintain outdoor cleanliness and aesthetics through grounds upkeep.
    2. Perform routine maintenance of tools and outdoor power equipment.
    3. Keep all barns/pens/feeding areas clear of animal waste.
    4. Schedule bi-annual bush hogging and herbicide spraying of pastures.
    5. Inspect all fences routinely, keeping clear of debris and downed trees.
    6. Inspect buildings routinely and performing basic repairs as needed,
    7. Maintain indoor cleanliness and organization of all houses, barns, and sheds.
    • Vehicle and Trailer Maintenance:
    1. Communicate with Lead Wrangler that truck and trailer are in proper working order.
    2. Schedule routine maintenance with appropriate service provider as needed.
    3. Ensure truck is fueled, clean, and fully stocked of all necessary supplies before each packing trip.
    • Supplies:
    1. Drive truck to lodge office routinely to drop off/pickup operational supplies. Transport supplies to their appropriate storage locations.
    2. Shop/purchase/transport lodge groceries at designated merchant once a week.
    • Llama Wrangling:
    1. Assist Lead Wrangler with loading of animals before each pack trip.
    2. Assist Lead Wrangler with training of new pack llamas.
    3. Learn the pack trip routine from the Lead Wrangler to be able to step in on as needed basis.  Pack trips involve driving the truck and trailer from the Farm to trailhead, saddling and leading pack train up trail to lodge, exchanging supplies, leading pack train back down the mountain, returning with truck and trailer back to Farm.
    • Airlift (once annually):
    1. Complete/renew Roadside Flagging certification.
    2. Prepare and load all supplies necessary for annual lodge Airflit resupply.
    3. Participate in all preseason Airlift operations.
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